"This charming, heartwarming, and inspirational book is based on the true story of Norbert, the author's dog. Children will immediately fall in love with the pint sized dog, whose story is presented using a journal format. Wonderful artwork, a handwritten text, and a memorable story make this a book that children and their grownups will greatly enjoy reading and looking at."
- Marya Jansen-Gruber

"This mother-daughter owned independent publishing company beautifully proves Norbert’s message that "you don’t need to be big to make a BIG difference in the world." Keep an eye on Polly Parker Press; these gifted entrepreneurs are re-imagining the world of children’s book publishing."

“Pet Partners® is proud to have played a role in Julie Freyermuth’s children’s book about adorable little Norbert, her real life Pet Partners teammate.  Bringing smiles to patients in hospitals and other facilities where animals are usually not allowed is a very important job—and Norbert is wonderful at what he does!   Finding one’s purpose in life is sometimes obvious to others, but not to ourselves, and it just takes someone’s appreciation to bring it to light.  What a wonderful message to children & adults alike. The accompanying artwork by Virginia K. Freyermuth, Ph.D. is absolutely delightful!”
- Paula Scott, Marketing Coordinator

"I have the opportunity to see this story come alive when Julie and Norbert visit the hospital. Little Norbert brings BIG smiles to patients, families and staff. From the perspective of a child life specialist, this book is an inspiring story for children of all ages. It is a story that drives home the idea that individual differences do not need to hold us back. Congratulations Julie and Virginia. Cheers to you Norbert!"
- Lynn Belkin, Child Life Specialist/Pawprints Coordinator

"Inspirational and heartwarming, Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? teaches children of all ages to embrace their uniqueness and find joy in their strengths. The R.E.A.D.® program (Reading Education Assistance Dogs®) is proud to call Julie Freyermuth and Norbert a R.E.A.D.® team."
- Sharry Buhanan-Decker, National R.E.A.D.® Coordinator

"The NORBERT story of a Little Dog is so well paced that children will chant the refrain "What can Little Me Do?" a question that children often ask. The carefully painted illustrations, with children's art interposed, brighten the pages. Children and adults will enjoy Norbert's adventure."

"I believe that little Norbert has captured a deep and under-represented value; indeed, what can one small "kid" do? The moving illustrations of him capture his pluck and innocence perfectly. The text is wonderfully simple, musical and accessible. This book is a winner in every category."

"This uniquely illustrated and simply, but endearingly, told story of a real 3-pound dog discovering the wonderful thing he can do in a BIG city will engage young listeners and their grown-up readers as well. The photo-like illustrations are strikingly beautiful and supplement the text so well. Children will enjoy discovering new details at each reading. Norbert's pencil drawings will inspire young ones to start an "Artist's Journal" with photos and their own drawings of a special event in their lives. Children will appreciate the subtle message that everyone has gifts to share with others."
- Joanne Bibeau and Janet Bibeau

"Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? is a wonderful story of triumph! Author Julie Freyermuth and illustrator Virginia Freyermuth have created an authentic journey of an adorable little dog Norbert. The illustrations are fantastic! We are thrilled to have Julie return to Westwinds with Norbert for another author event at our drop in Story Time."

"A Must Read for all Children...I saw Julie read this book to a class of first graders. They LOVED it! I highly recommend this book to anyone with kids."

"This book is truly inspiring. A story that will resonate with children of all ages. You will surely fall in love with Norbert as we did."

"Exquisite art, a powerful, positive message, and written from the heart. These are the qualities which have ensured that every adventure Norbert takes will find a spot on our family's bookshelf…"

"I have to tell you that my Aidan (my youngest, he'll be 4 in 2 weeks!) absolutely loves your book! We read it every night before bed and last night when I finished reading to him, he turned to me and, instead of saying "Can I get a puppy?", he asked, "Can I get a Norbert?"!! It was the cutest thing, I had to share it with you!"

"I got your book! I have three words…  wow, wow, and WOW! What a beautiful book! Absolutely gorgeous. My goodness.  I have never seen anything like it before, and I am amazed it is self-published.  I am amazed. Great job. Did I say I am amazed? I feel like I should frame it. It is a piece of art."

“I think that Norbert’s book sends the message, that no matter what life brings your way, you are capable of anything! I highly recommend that everyone add this feel good book to their library! This book would also make a great birthday or baby shower gift, which I know we all have a few of those to go to this summer!”

"It is a delightful book, and amazing Norbert always puts a smile on my face, when I see him on a Facebook post. He does make us smile, just by being who he is. Love him, a perfect story."
By Ann D.

One of our neighbors gave us a copy of the book a few weeks ago. My daughter loves reading it every night! She's only 3 but has it nearly memorized. We love the illustrations as well as the story line."
By Kelly L., Mother

Norbert, I just received your book, love it! I got it for my birthday #72! You are so sweet. You are beautiful too and you are loved!"
By Phyllis F.

"Norbert: What Can Little Me Do? Is a heart-warming story for readers of all ages! I was so excited to receive my copy in the mail, as an aspiring educator, I am greatly looking forward to sharing his inspirational story with my future students! This is a must-have book that is sure to leave you smiling!"
By Michelle C.

"As a future classroom teacher, this story carries a message that will inspire all of my students. I am always telling them that they all have something special to bring to the world, and this book reinforces this idea in a beautiful and adorable way. I can't wait to share this book with my students for years to come!"
By Alexandra D.

"My five year old niece loves this book! She wants a "Norbert". The story is heart-warming and inspirational to all - not just those who are small. This book is expertly illustrated and will bring smiles to any who read it."
By Eric K.

"A Must Read! In a world of uncertainty and with lack of simplicity, this simple story tells the tale of how one can make a difference in life no matter your circumstances. For Norbert, it's being small that he feels is a obstacle. But once he finds his niche he can do BIG THINGS by bringing joy to others. It's a sweet story that is easy to understand and relate to no matter your age. It's a story that ignites the mind and soul with an awakening that no matter how big or small we are we can make a difference in this world. In a world where were told "bigger is better" this story tells us that that is not necessarily true! I really enjoyed this story and the pictures very much and I highly recommend this book to everyone! You won't be disappointed at all :)"
By Sunny 'Ocean Girl'

"A truly beautiful picture book that will certainly be enjoyed and treasured by children and adults everywhere!!"
By Gregory P.

"As far as children's books go this one is heads and tails above everything else that's out there in stores or online...The message of the book is so touching. I have read my copy countless times."
By Jeff F.

"Unique and Inspiring for kids. I am a mom of a 2 year old and have 3 nephews under the age of 7. I bought each a copy. I was delighted to see how much of a reaction the book evoked in these normally very active boys who thrive on physical stimulation. They were drawn to the illustrations and fell in love with Norbert. Now they all want a dog like that! A must have for kids, teaches them about giving and feeling in a way they can easily relate to."
By MJ Diav

"It's an amazing book with loads of colorful illustrations drawn by an award winning educator."
By Susan D.

"It is absolutely stunning! The story is as sweet as can be and the artwork is beautiful!"
By Elizabeth B.

"This story is beautifully illustrated and presented in an eye catching and unique manner. It's easy to fall for Norbert, an instantly loveable and sweet character."
By Sarah D.

"Great Little 'Tail'! A wonderful little tale about a struggle that everyone can relate to; trying to find our place in this world. The illustrations are breath taking and the story is heart warming. Truly a beautiful book that you will want to keep for generations and generations!"
By Jvo

"Beautiful and Inspiring. The first thing you notice when reading this book are the gorgeous illustrations. As an aunt to three young girls, I can say there are no children’s books out there as beautiful. The powerful message of Norbert's story is inspiring, and sends a wonderful message to little ones."
By Conda K.

"My kindergarteners oohed and aahed over each detail in the pictures. The children were able to continue the discussion Norbert inspired about how people can help others, despite one's size or age, for weeks. My students and I are anxiously awaiting to hear more from Norbert! "
By Olivia

"Amazing "tail" - beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written. I received my copy a few days ago and just love it. I cannot wait to share it with my special "little" boy! The illustrations are stunning - it's hard to tell sometimes what is a picture and what Virginia actually created. The story itself is wonderful and the message is inspiring. I've ordered copies for all of the kids in my life now."
By Erin P.

"Perfect Story for children. We will sit down together at Christmas during bedtime with our pj's and read this wonderfully illustrated book that was given heart and soul into! I cant wait to show this little puppy to my daughters and tell them about Little Norbert who has changed lives forever."
By Ashley P.

"Unlike any other children's book. My family loves this book, my nephews spend so much time examining each page and little detail. It's wonderfully well written and illustrated."
By Mark N.

"Inspiring and Encouraging. This book is perfect for children of all ages. The story is written in journal style. The illustrations are beautiful. Together the writing and paintings create a story to inspire young and old to think about the choices they have to use their talents in order to help others.
This would make an excellent gift. I would recommend it as part of a family's library."
By Janet O

"A must read! We had the opportunity for the author, Julie, to come to our school and read to our kindergarten and first graders, it was amazing! Both the students and teachers enjoyed the experience of hearing the story, the process of creating the story, and meeting Norbert himself! This book gave important insight to the students about therapy dogs and also the important message that everyone can make a difference!"
By Rebecca

"As a librarian, we are always on the look out for unique books. With the growing rise of implementing therapy dogs into library programming, this is a great collection addition. The artwork jumps off the pages and the message is something that rings true at any age. We were special enough to get a visit from Norbert and the children loved him."
By Jessica L.