“My precious Norbert. I received your wonderful book today "What Can Little You Do?" It is truly a very special book. I'm happy that it is for young and old, since I do not have children to share it with in my home. I know I will find children to share it with, because it is so special, telling the stories of your many friends. Love you and your special Mommy that makes all this possible. XOXO”
- Ann M

The book is absolutely gorgeous. From cover to cover; just so beautiful. The story is so sweet and sends such a great message to the reader. The best part for me were the letters from the grandmother and the kids and the other dogs. The one from the little girl who survived cancer, had me in tears. Your books are so unlike any other children's books. They are so unique and special. I noticed a hint to a possible 3rd book in the back?”
- Jen B

“I got my second book today and I just love it. I bought both your books in hopes of having grandchildren someday that I can share them with ... but for now, they are mine, and I love them. Keep up the great work ...I love your (Facebook) page!”
- Kelly E.

"I like Norbert's book because it teaches people to be kind, thoughtful and friendly. The pictures are fun to look at because they are colorful and life-like. I enjoyed the stories of Norbert's friends and the cute puppies of course! When I read Norbert's book I feel happy and excited to make people smile!" 
- Riley, age 5

“I got my book today! It's great. The stories and pictures are so beautiful. This was my signed book so it's extra special. I had ordered one and my daughter surprised me with another one; now I have 3….You are so special and loved by thousands of people. Mommy does so much good work to help people; she's really special.”
- Penny F.

“Received my signed copy of "NORBERT What Can Little You Do?" Love it. Every one who adores NORBERT should order one. Kids should have the benefit of reading all the thoughtfulness in his book.”
- Dianne E. 

“I picked up my book from the post office yesterday. Super excited. Already read it twice. Once to my puppies and then to myself. Excellent book!  Keep up the great work!” 
- Karen G. 

“Just received your second book and I love it. I am a special education school counselor with a registered therapy dog named Mama Jack. She is so, so special. This year I am not being allowed to utilize her in school so we have been visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Her incredible sensitivity and acceptance of every one is what makes others feel so good. Thank you for publishing this book. I use it with my elementary students all the time.”
- Michele L.

“I got a tearful phone call today from my aunt who was so touched by Norbert’s book. She has read it several times to her daughter already, and has gotten smiles and even points and noises. She loved the story and of course the illustrations, our family can’t thank you enough. It’s been a rough few months, but the smallest gestures can make the biggest impacts, as you and Norbert know quite well! I’m inspired by your kind heart, and will absolutely pay this forward every way that I can.”
- Lindsey E.

"The quality of the book is outstanding!  I love the colors, the story line and illustrations."
- Carol K.

"I just wanted you to know that we absolutely love the book! It's perfect."
- Lydia C.

“Just had a chance to sit down and read the new book....I love it! I think almost more than your first book! Adorable!” 
- Cathie C.

“A feast for the eyes and heart, Norbert: What Can Little You Do? captures the youthful delight in us all. He invites us into a more thoughtful world, filled with color and kindness. A shiny little gem with every turned page.  A must for elementary classrooms across the country and beyond.” 
- Sally Montufar, Rowan University Elementary Education Dept. & owner of Lucy, the smallest working dog in the world

"What a beautiful and wonderful book!!  I am so happy that I pre-ordered this book after meeting Little Norbert and I am thrilled to have a signed copy, even though I don't have children of my own!  As an adult, the stories touched my heart... but I think that this book is so important as an educational tool for children in a world that has changed exponentially since my own childhood.  As it teaches tolerance and kindness to the current generation, maybe someday it will become easier to watch the evening news.  And if it gives one special child self-confidence and self-love, maybe it will change that child's life forever.  Well done, Norbert, Julia and Virginia!!"
 - Andrea P

"Thank you Norbert for another wonderful book, What Can Little YOU Do?  The illustrations and story line are superb!  My nieces and nephews carry their books I purchased for them everywhere.  The smiles on their faces are a true testament that Norbert's book teaches us all about kindness and sharing smiles!"
- Judy W.

“This is another fantastic book from front to back.  My daughter and I love this book and I’ve given a few copies out to family members. The illustrations are perfect and the story is a perfect one for kids. Keep them coming and thanks for creating something my whole family can enjoy!!!”
- Ben B.